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BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP..!" blared the cheap alarm clock. "Ugh…" growled Zortek, as he lazily extended his arm from the ragged periwinkle covers and smacked the "snooze" button on the alarm clock. He left his arm down from the covers, waiting to himself for five minutes to process that it was morning already.

The Grundo inhaled, sighed and stood up straight, his eyes covered by dark green eyelids. He then lazily opened them revealing dark red eyeballs, glistening with light.

He turned his head look droopily at the clock which read 7:13 AM. He sighed to himself and remembered he had to go to work. He worked at the "Freaky factory". His job was to fill vats with colored blobs to create miniature figurines of variously colored Neopets. He always thought that it was very obscure and stupid, but Carl didn't think so. His boss was an oversized Grarrl named Carl. Freaky factory was once the corporate arm of the Virtupets space station, and owned by Dr. Sloth, but Neopia recently defeated him and took over the company, therefore employing Carl as the manager. Carl was very stubborn and was more concerned about profit than his employees.

Though Zortek had been forcefully trained and majored in Technology at the Virtupets space station, the Neopia government only allowed him to be employed at the Freaky factory. He always found it appalling that his "skills" were being wasted at a mediocre factory. But alas, there was nothing he could do.

He sighed and lifted his short body off the bed and down to the floor.

He walked to the bathroom that was conveniently in his room. He turned on a blue faucet which poured out transparent water. He reached both his four-fingered hands into the cold water which gave him a chilling sensation throughout his small arms. He grasped two handfuls of water of which he splashed on his face. "Eugh!" he exclaimed to himself, the cold water dripping down his face. He rapidly blinked, feeling more awake now.

He then switched off the faucet and walked back to his room, going to his closet. He looked through the small variety of clothes that he could wear. He picked out a wrinkled silver space suit, and put it on. He looked at the clock again, this time reading 7:23 AM. His eyes widened in surprise. "I'm late!" he shouted. He ran out of his room, running to the front door. He dashed from his house on a cobblestone path that led to Neopia central.

It was a good amount of path that he had to follow, still not familiar with Neopian geography, he needed many maps to lead himself around. When he got to Neopia central, he consulted his map that he had carried in a small fanny pack that he had strapped to his stomach. He quickly analyzed the map looking for which way to go. He eventually found another path which led him to the more industrial parts of Neopia.

He spotted Freaky factory and ran towards it, looking at the tall steel iron doors.. Well, not exactly. The doors had been painted with the cheapest "gray" paint that Carl bought; they had given the illusion that it was fortified with no entry. Of course, by now someone had already come to the realization of this. A Purple Grundo thief had been constantly trying to steal the figurines off the assembly line, which lead to Zortek having to scare him off by dropping colored blobs on his head. He always found it strange that this Grundo had been obsessed with trying to take them. What could he possibly want with them?

He pulled on the door, which with no surprise, had opened without needing a key. Carl was too stingy to even give his employees their own keys to the factory. He walked in to into the main lobby of the factory, which was of course, filthy. He navigated himself towards the employee entrance and pulled out a card and punched it into the machine, dreading another miserable day at work, he walked down the hallway to his station.
A Neopets fanfiction I made about my Grundo OC: Zortek. I might upload a little more when it's done, who knows, maybe I'll even make cover art for it.
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Submitted on
October 13, 2015